The Rise of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU)

September, 2022


"To be heavenly is to be one with the subtle essence of the universe"

-Lao Tzu, Tao teh Ching

The rise of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) is the prevailing economic reality of the roaring 2020,s. As trends forecaster gerald celente has duely noted, the 20th century was the American century. The 21st century is the Chinese century. Integrated into the rising Eurasian Economic Union, China is slated to become the force behind the world,s first true global superpower.

Western civilization is obviously on the wane and will most likely go the way of the Roman Empire. Yet, the west, i predict, will retain a formidable essence of the hallmarks of its empire, namely, freedom, liberty, independence and those values generally esconed in the US Bill of Rights, particularily the 1st, 2nd and 4th amendments (the right to free speech, religion, to keep and bear arms and personal privacy). For without these virtues any nation or global civilization will falter and ultimately collapse. Case in point: China and the CCP are learning this lesson the hard way today: Socialism without a measure of democracy, freedom and dignity is doomed to instability, imbalance and ultimately, implosion and destruction. Its just the way our yin-yang universe operates.

The international jewish Rothschild banking cartel, headquartered in "the City" of London UK owns and controls both the western and eastern empires on planet earth today. The Rothschild banking cartel has central banks in both China and Russia, as well as in Brazil, India and South Africa- the core nations of the BRICS nations who are together creating a new global digital currency to rival and eventually replace the ailing US petrodollar.

The Eurasian Economic Union is the political, economic and social vehicle by which the human species will eventually attain a One World Government. It is known as the rising Beast of Revelations for those with an eye on scriptural unfolding/unveiling of world events. The current war in ukraine was deliberately designed to bring down the West and bring forth a Revived Roman Empire (New World Order) for Mankind. Russia,s Putin is obviously working with the "Great Reset" objectives of the World Economic Forum in Switzerland (the home of the central bank of central banks: the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), which is owned and controlled by the Rothschild empire). The new King Charles of the British Crown has, and continues to be, one of the primary driving forces behind the creation and establishment of a Global Green World Order.

With the completion of the One Belt/One Road Silk Road across the eurasian continent, along with the integration of Saudi Arabia, Israel, Iran and a reconstructed/refurbished/reoriented European Union (EU) as is titular head- which i predict will be renamed, "the United States of Europe"- the Eurasian Economic Union will decisively come to literally rule the world in the not too distant future. One must remember, the Rothschild empire is geographically headquartered on the european portion of the eurasian continent.

Let it also be stated that the religion of Islam is slated to become the world,s most populous faith with nearly 3 billion adherents by 2030. As such, the religion of Islam will literally conquer the world on the religious front. No doubt the rising EEU will be profoundly influenced by Islam, as many of the core islamic nations of the world will be an integral part of this new political, economic and social juggernaut.

Zbigniew Brzezinski, a protege of the Rockefeller dynasty, noted in his book, "Between two ages, America,s Role in the technotronic era", that whoever or whatever political entity controls the eurasian landmass in the future will become the de-facto rulers of the world. The Rothschild empire,s recent pivot to the east and its vast resources is proof that the establishment of the Eurasian Economic Union has top priority for those who weild the levers of control and power at the top of the economic pyramid.

On a grand evolutionary scale, the formation of a world power block like the Eurasian Economic Union would seem to indicate a higher evolutionary progression towards an advanced planetary civilization. However, devolution into a global 4th reich could similarily occur, especially if founded upon the pillars of global depopulation campaigns (the covid vaccine) and the willful and deliberate supression of alternative free energy systems such as zero point and antigravity technologies. An annual $2 trillion war economy coupled with a cashless digital economic control and surveillance state are indicators that species maturity has not caught up with technological progress and may very well undermine the foundation of any form of world governance before its even had a chance to emerge.

Similiarly, without the complete and total abandonment of the $90 trillon dollar oil and gas hydrocarbon economy infrastructure worldwide, there will be no chance that human civilization can survive the 21st century due to the supreme threat of global climate change. A 10-15 degree fahrenheit increase in global average temperature by 2100 will be nothing less than catastrophic. We,re already seeing major food and water shortages in 2022 with just a 1-3 degree fahrenheit increase today.

The global corporate technocratic fascist police state empire of today which is founded upon the negative human attributes of greed, self interest, control, priviledge and power over others and the global environment, must give way to a new democratic-socialist political paradigm that caters to the positive, life-affirming attributes of care, compassion, nuturance, sharing and intelligent management of the global environmental commons.

The Eurasian Economic Union will only be successful if it makes the great transition towards an international sustainable free energy based society and helps build an equitable, compassionate, higher consciousnesss based heart centered world that would have any chance of surviving the 21st century.


Sk jona
Arizona, USA



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